Why and how we do what we do.


We make pure beeswax candles because we know,

based on experience and science,

that they are better for us and our world.


Not so very long ago, in the bright high desert of the fabled Land of Enchantment, in an old little town called La Villa Real de Santa Fe de San Francisco de Assis, we set about making some beeswax candles in the kitchen. It was a mess.

We had noticed that most good folk were burning those nasty chemical candles in the name of beauty, romance and devotion; that soy candles didn't burn very nicely; and that, when you can even find them, the best beeswax candles were a touch spendy for every day.

So, with a high-minded (but modest) notion of making pure beeswax candles available and affordable for everyone, we brought our candlemaking out of the kitchen and made a family business of it.

But why?

Waldorf School education had taught us about the wonders of the honeybees and the beauty of beeswax and had given us an enthusiasm for making lovely things with our own hands; and life had taught us that there wasn't enough money in the world to buy happiness and a clear conscience.  We were tired of working towards the frenzied destruction of the Earth and with people who behaved badly in business and in life.

We wanted to create a business that was congruent with our values of right livelihood, humanity, environmental and social responsibility, consciousness, fairness and integrity in all endeavors.

We wanted to raise our children in a sustainable social continuum and to participate fully in each other's lives.

We wanted to build a business culture that was, at all levels, creative, inclusive, and uplifting, in an environment that felt like "family" - in the ideal sense.

And again, we wanted to bring forth not just another product, but to offer a wholesome thing of beauty that reminds us of our connection to the natural world - in everything we do.  To us, a beeswax candle is a teaching tool.

Save the bees, save ourselves.


The honeybee is in grave peril, poisoned by pesticides and herbicides used in chemical agriculture and decimated by opportunistic parasites. (Read more in Learning Center under bees.)

Domesticated bees, kept and protected by humans, serve us (and, lest we forget, nature) by pollinating fruit and other crops, and by making more honey and wax than they need for themselves.  If we, the beneficiaries of these services, want to continue to have fruit, honey and beeswax for our pleasure and health, we must, quite literally, support and save the bees by conforming our consequential actions to a natural paradigm.

But if the bees are in trouble, then so are we.

As part of the circle of life, we humans must return to healthy and balanced ways if we - bees, humans and all, are to survive, let alone truly live. For the sake of the bees, we must, for instance, support organic, local agriculture. In turn, we benefit ourselves. 

Circular and mutual benefit or circular and mutual loss. It's our choice.

Every choice we make has an effect.  As conscious people, we choose what is good for us and good for the Earth. Concern for and active consideration of the Seventh Generation must be revived now, today, and we're committed to doing our part. Let us walk lightly upon the Earth, and choose well.

We give 5% of our profits to educational and preservation causes relating to the welfare of the honeybee, and, by extension, to the welfare of all.

Buying beeswax helps beekeepers keep bees. Please support your local beekeepers whenever you can, and  otherwise, please let us serve you.



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