Why is honey healthier than sugar?


There are many different "sugars", and our bodies deal with them differently.

Table sugar (sucrose) is absorbed into the body via osmosis. This means that the sugar enters the bloodstream as quickly as it can pass through membranes - which, as we all know, is pretty quick.

Because of the type of sugars that comprise honey, their absorption by the body occurs through a mechanism called "active transport." While something "active " may seem like it should be quicker than the passive mechanism of osmosis, the opposite is true...

Because the sugars in honey depend upon a carrier to move them across the membrane barrier, the rate of their absorption is limited by how much carrier is available.

This means that there is less of a "sugar rush" with honey...

  • Less of a stain on the pancreas to suddenly produce large amounts of insulin
  • Less likelihood of large swings in blood sugar levels
  • Less likelihood of hypoglycemia

But, there is a very important caveat.  The honey must be raw, unheated and unprocessed.

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