Q:  How do I choose the right candle?


Different types of candles are designed for different purposes, and it's worth considering your needs and habits before purchasing.

Beeswax candles burn longer and melt more slowly than paraffin.  Therefore, a beeswax candle will need to be burned longer than a comparably-sized paraffin candle to burn well.

The General Rule: a candle should be burned long enough each time it is lit that the wax pool melts to near the candle's edge.
As a guide:    
If you burn a candle...   choose a beeswax...
less than 1 hour taper
1-2 hours taper, tea light, votive
2-3 hours taper, tea light, votive, 2" pillar
more than 3 hours taper, tea light, votive, 2" - 3" pillar or multi-wick pillar such as our P6-6
    ...the foregoing still subject to The Rule



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